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474 Castro

We are embarking on an exciting new chapter in the response to HIV/AIDS—one that, when successful, will serve as proof of concept and energize the nation to end the fight against the disease once and for all. Because we believe—and the data show—that San Francisco can be the first U.S. city to end the transmission of HIV. That's what the vision of our future work at 474 Castro is all about.

Despite incredible progress, there are 16,000 people in San Francisco living with HIV/AIDS—more than half of whom now over 50 years of age. Additionally, half of all newly diagnosed people are not engaged in proper care. To ensure the health of these people, and to support the further reduction of HIV infections to the point where they become incredibly rare, we are partnering with local leaders, public health officials, and the broader community to create a new model that focuses on health and wellness instead of sickness and disease.

The project will bring together and expand the services of three of our existing popular programs for gay and bisexual men and will add new services for special under-served populations, including young gay men of color and older gay men, both HIV positive and HIV negative. The seamless integration and expansion of service offerings for the community will revolutionize the way gay and bi men think about their total health and wellness, and in doing so create a stronger, more vibrant community.

This is the vision behind the new center—a home for health and wellness located in the neighborhood where we can reach the most gay and bisexual men. We invite you to learn more about the project through this website and see our blog for regular project updates. It is an exciting time in the history of this battle, and together as a united community, we will make another giant leap toward winning the fight.

Second floor preview

Here's a sneak peek of the second floor. It is where our sexual health clinic services will be located. This view is from behind the reception desk and looks out into the waiting area where there will be tables, chairs and couches for people to hang out.

This space is also where we will continue the tradition of Magnet's art wall and have a rotating art gallery. We also plan to host large community forums here too, like Real Talk and Positive Force's Stay Current series.

Entrance preview

Things are surely and steadily coming together. Check out our warm and welcoming entrance space into the building. Big open staircase? Check. Plenty of natural light? Check. Inviting fire place? Check. Reception desk? Triple check!  

Front door to building

First floor view of staircase and reception desk


Also as we were walking through the building this morning, we spotted rainbows on the floor peeking through the front windows. That has to be a sign for good luck, right? :-)

Third floor preview

We are excited that our third floor will have many meeting rooms plus an outdoor terrace!

Here's a sneak peek of what the third floor and adjoining terrace looks like from just behind the reception desk.

When the weather is nice outside, we can move the glass windows to the side to make the terrace feel more open and inviting for events and community groups.

Third floor view

Balcony update

With the glass newly installed, our balcony on the second floor is nearly complete.

When we're open, we will have a great vantage point to wave to our Castro Theatre neighbors across the street!

Staff space preview

We are excited to the combine the services of three of our existing popular programs for gay and bisexual men along with adding new services for special under-served populations, including young gay men of color and older gay men, both HIV positive and HIV negative. Here is a sneak preview to where all the administrative magic will happen.

To foster collaboration and community, our staff will work in an open layout setting. They will also have access to a staff-only deck on the second floor that is behind the building. 

Staff desks on first floor

Staff-only balcony on second floor

Reclaimed Wood Redux

We've reclaimed pieces of wood from the original building and incorporated them into the big welcome doors at the building's entrance. Check out the welcome reception area for the sexual health clinic and you'll notice we also used reclaimed wood here! 

We have furniture!

With the walls up and paint dry, we can get to the fun part of decorating the new space.

Here's a sneak peek of our tables and chairs:

Meeting room

Staff work area

Sexual health clinic lobby