474 Castro

We are embarking on an exciting new chapter in the response to HIV/AIDS—one that, when successful, will serve as proof of concept and energize the nation to end the fight against the disease once and for all. Because we believe—and the data show—that San Francisco can be the first U.S. city to end the transmission of HIV. That's what the vision of our future work at 474 Castro is all about.

Despite incredible progress, there are 16,000 people in San Francisco living with HIV/AIDS—more than half of whom now over 50 years of age. Additionally, half of all newly diagnosed people are not engaged in proper care. To ensure the health of these people, and to support the further reduction of HIV infections to the point where they become incredibly rare, we are partnering with local leaders, public health officials, and the broader community to create a new model that focuses on health and wellness instead of sickness and disease.

The project will bring together and expand the services of three of our existing popular programs for gay and bisexual men and will add new services for special under-served populations, including young gay men of color and older gay men, both HIV positive and HIV negative. The seamless integration and expansion of service offerings for the community will revolutionize the way gay and bi men think about their total health and wellness, and in doing so create a stronger, more vibrant community.

This is the vision behind 474 Castro—a home for health and wellness located in the neighborhood where we can reach the most gay and bisexual men. We invite you to learn more about the project through this website and see our blog for regular project updates. It is an exciting time in the history of this battle, and together as a united community, we will make another giant leap toward winning the fight.

Walk this way

The rainbow crosswalk at Castro and 18th Streets is complete! The crosswalk looks pretty amazing.

Castro Street Fair

Happy Castro Street Fair! Hope everyone had a great time. We can't wait to be part of the fair next year when it happens.

Coming along

The infrastructure of the building is coming along nicely. Wooden beams continue to be put up for the second and third floor and you can finally see the outlines of what the building will eventually look like.

Here's what it looks like now and what it will eventually look like when the project is complete:

Hello trees!

As the Castro Street improvement project is underway in the neighborhood, the sidewalks are finally widened with new concrete and we have some nice new trees in front of our building! The city planted king palms all along the block. They look gorgeous. 

474 Castro Project turns one!

Today marks the one year anniversary of when we first broke ground on starting construction at 474 Castro and what a year it's been! In honor of Throwback Thursday, watch this video to see why we're embarking on this incredible journey and what we hope 474 Castro will mean for our community.


Hello New Floors

The second floor infrastructure is nearly done and workers are adding the second floor roof, which will also serve as the third floor floor. You'll see from the photos that the floors were just waterproofed to help protect it against moisture. At the same time, they are building the walls of the third floor roof and it's so exciting to see all the pieces slowly come together!

Raising the Roof

Workers have finished installing the new steel beams and we're moving to the next phase of re-constructing the second floor. Wood panels were installed in between the steel beams to reinforce the space between the second floor and soon-to-be third floor. Things are shaping up nicely!