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470 Castro

We are changing the way the community responds to HIV/AIDS. The project at 470 Castro Street is a revolutionary approach to HIV prevention and care that engages a holistic network of free services including sexual health services, substance health harm reduction counseling and community engagement activities that help gay and bi men combat social isolation and depression. Our vision for 470 Castro Street is more than a clinic. We believe—and the data show—that San Francisco can be the first U.S. city to end the transmission of HIV. That's what the vision of our future work at 470 Castro is all about.

Despite incredible progress, there are 16,000 people in San Francisco living with HIV/AIDS—more than half of whom now over 50 years of age. Additionally, half of all newly diagnosed people are not engaged in proper care. To ensure the health of these people, and to support the further reduction of HIV infections to the point where they become incredibly rare, we are partnering with local leaders, public health officials, and the broader community to create a new model that focuses on health and wellness instead of sickness and disease.

The project will bring together and expand the services that the community already knows through Magnet, the Stonewall Project, the Stop AIDS Project and two of the newest San Francisco AIDS Foundation programs for young African-American men and men over 50. Men living with HIV and those who are HIV-negative will have access to more expertise, more support, more educational resources, and more opportunities to get involved in the community. By bringing together these established and extremely effective services, we will revolutionize the way gay and bi men think about their total health and wellness, and in doing so create a stronger, more vibrant community.

This is the vision behind the new center—a home for health and wellness located in the neighborhood where we can reach the most gay and bisexual men. We invite you to learn more about the project through this website and see our blog for regular project updates. It is an exciting time in the history of this battle, and together as a united community, we will make another giant leap toward winning the fight.

Introducing Strut and the Campaign for Health & Wellness

Big news today!

Today, we announced that the name of our center on Castro Street is going to be Strut. Watch our video for more about how Strut will help us build a better community.

Also, we officially entered the public phase of the Campaignfor Health & Wellness, a $15 million fundraising campaign to support our programs and services at Strut. Visit the Campaign website for more information about how you can get involved!

Building a better “us”

A lot of folks have been asking us, what will be different when we open the doors of 470 Castro Street.

For the first time ever, the best, judgment-free sexual health services that the community has received through Magnet, will be available in the same space as the substance use and harm reduction counseling of the Stonewall Project, the peer support, personal resilience and education programs of Positive Force and the DREAAM Project, and the community engagement programs of Bridgemen and the 50-Plus Network. By fully integrating these San Francisco AIDS Foundation programs, we’ll be able offer something for everyone, and many things for each person, all under one roof.

We all have diverse needs that come along with the various challenges that come our way. Instead of making three or four different stops for health-related appointments in multiple places, gay & bi men will be able to go to one location, where they’ll gain access to a lot of skilled expertise, judgment-free, sex-positive health programs, and the kind of community support that makes you feel like family.

By providing a spot in the Castro where every community member can feel like the best version of themselves, we will build a better community. A better “us.”

This big new endeavor also comes with a new name—which we’ll announce in mid-September—so stay tuned!

Home stretch

We’re nearing the end of construction!

We found out today that our construction team reports that we’re on track to be finished in just weeks. After we have a better sense of when we’ll be able to move and open doors, we’ll update this page.

In the meantime, we’re still providing HIV prevention, support and care services at the usual San Francisco AIDS Foundation locations.

See Yourself Here

No doubt you’ve walked by the building and seen the collage of faces on the window fa├žade. We love the window display because it features so many members of the community. The display features photos that were submitted to us last winter—and from a few San Francisco AIDS Foundation events—and really puts a face to the new center for gay & bi men’s health & wellness.

The new center will offer people a holistic approach to wellness, taking a big step beyond HIV testing and prevention. Life’s challenges are complex—when the new center opens, gay & bi men will have a single place to go no matter what they’re looking for, including the types of services and activities that the community accessed through the 50-Plus Network, Bridgemen, the DREAAM Project, Magnet, Positive Force, and the Stonewall Project.

We hope you’ll support our effort by tagging photo of yourself on Twitter or Instagram with #seeyourselfhere.

Download images you can share on social media to show your support for the center.

Looks can be deceiving

From the outside, it sure does look like construction is finished.

On the inside, we’ve still got work to do.

Because we’ll be operating a clinic, we have to meet special standards before the State of California can issue the proper license. We’re working hard to make sure we are able to deliver top-notch sexual health services, as well as substance health harm reduction counseling and community support programs.

We’re extremely grateful to our state and local partners for helping us navigate the licensing and approval processes!

Whoops. We know it’s been a while since we’ve update our blog. Here’s the news we had hoped to share over the last few months.

Second floor preview

Here's a sneak peek of the second floor. It is where our sexual health clinic services will be located. This view is from behind the reception desk and looks out into the waiting area where there will be tables, chairs and couches for people to hang out.

This space is also where we will continue the tradition of Magnet's art wall and have a rotating art gallery. We also plan to host large community forums here too, like Real Talk and Positive Force's Stay Current series.

Entrance preview

Things are surely and steadily coming together. Check out our warm and welcoming entrance space into the building. Big open staircase? Check. Plenty of natural light? Check. Inviting fire place? Check. Reception desk? Triple check!  

Front door to building

First floor view of staircase and reception desk


Also as we were walking through the building this morning, we spotted rainbows on the floor peeking through the front windows. That has to be a sign for good luck, right? :-)