474 Castro

We are embarking on an exciting new chapter in the response to HIV/AIDS—one that, when successful, will serve as proof of concept and energize the nation to end the fight against the disease once and for all. Because we believe—and the data show—that San Francisco can be the first U.S. city to end the transmission of HIV. That's what the vision of our future work at 474 Castro is all about.

Despite incredible progress, there are 16,000 people in San Francisco living with HIV/AIDS—more than half of whom now over 50 years of age. Additionally, half of all newly diagnosed people are not engaged in proper care. To ensure the health of these people, and to support the further reduction of HIV infections to the point where they become incredibly rare, we are partnering with local leaders, public health officials, and the broader community to create a new model that focuses on health and wellness instead of sickness and disease.

The project will bring together and expand the services of three of our existing popular programs for gay and bisexual men and will add new services for special under-served populations, including young gay men of color and older gay men, both HIV positive and HIV negative. The seamless integration and expansion of service offerings for the community will revolutionize the way gay and bi men think about their total health and wellness, and in doing so create a stronger, more vibrant community.

This is the vision behind 474 Castro—a home for health and wellness located in the neighborhood where we can reach the most gay and bisexual men. We invite you to learn more about the project through this website and see our blog for regular project updates. It is an exciting time in the history of this battle, and together as a united community, we will make another giant leap toward winning the fight.

Asbestos removal underway

Crews are now working inside the facility at 474 Castro to remove asbestos from the site. The process should take two to three weeks. It's the final stage of preparation for major construction, which is scheduled to get underway in late March or early April. So stay tuned for lots of pictures to come as the facility takes shape!

Check out the Bay Area Reporter's latest article, published today, on our progress to build the new home for health and wellness.

Dr. Robert Grant Joins Foundation as Chief Medical Officer

San Francisco AIDS Foundation has appointed Robert Grant, MD, MPH, as chief medical officer, with special focus on advancing the foundation’s work to combat HIV/AIDS by creating the first-ever dedicated home for health and wellness for gay and bisexual men in San Francisco. Dr. Grant brings more than 26 years of experience in HIV/AIDS clinical care and research. In 2012, he was named one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world for his groundbreaking clinical trial that was the first to demonstrate the efficacy of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for the prevention of HIV infection.

Read the full press release here.

A Big Year Ahead

2014 is going to be a big year for San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the development of our new Home for Health and Wellness at 474 Castro Street. After taking a short break during the holidays, final demolition and clean-up work is happening now so we can begin major construction in the near future. In the meantime, our staff is busy working on details of the plans to co-locate and expand our Magnet, Stonewall, and Stop AIDS programs and services when they move into the new facility.

Once we know the date for construction to begin, we’ll let you know here. And stay tuned for many more pictures and updates as the new center takes shape in 2014.

-Tim Patriarca, executive director, gay men's health and wellness

Unanimous approval

Foundation CEO Neil Giuliano speaking in front of the San Francisco Planning Commission on Thursday, October 24, 2013. This week, the commission unanimously approved our plans to create the first-ever home for health and wellness for gay and bisexual men in San Francisco.

You can read full coverage of the hearing on the Bay Area Reporter.

An Open, Inviting Design

Every element of the design for the new home for health and wellness has been carefully considered. The open, airy nature of the facade is intended to further reduce any stigma associated with accessing HIV-related services and be a welcoming beacon to gay and bisexual men who live, work, or play in the Castro. The design is based on the concept of two large wooden doors that open wide to invite people to come inside to take advantage of the free services and participate in the activities happening within. At the same time, the openness allows a connection with the street and the surrounding neighborhood.

Foundation Begins Construction on New Home for Health & Wellness

SAN FRANCISCO, October 24, 2013—San Francisco AIDS Foundation is set to create the first-ever home for health and wellness for gay and bisexual men in San Francisco, located at 474 Castro Street. The start of major construction follows today’s decision by the San Francisco Planning Commission to grant the foundation the conditional use permit required for a project of this nature in the Castro neighborhood.

Read the full press release.

Demolition is Underway

Interior demolition is underway at 474 Castro Street. These photos were taken on Tuesday, October 22, and show the demolition work that has already taken place on the first and second floors of the existing structure. Major exterior construction is expected get underway in late November or early December.